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Listen to what people are saying about us!

I wanted to write to you tonight and tell you that Cheyenne and I just got back from the GREATEST WALK EVER! We practiced everything that Tara taught us today. And it worked! She stayed on my left side. I was the one with the well behaved dog while others were fighting to keep their’s calm when we walked by. It was AMAZING!

A very special thank you to Tara, for the professional service that your provide. You are the greatest! After only 2 sessions, I can’t even begin to tell you the difference. I am in control. And, Cheyenne is happy, too! She doesn’t have to be nervous or anxious. She knows I have it all under control. Thanks so much. We’ll keep practicing! I’m ELATED! Nice job. You are very professional and provided exactly what we were looking for.

Sheri B 5/09

Took Montana and Sawyer for a long walk today and it’s like I have 2 new (and greatly improved) animals! No tugging. No lunging for squirrels. No barking at passers-by (not even the mail man!!!). They’re keying off of my every move!

And the same techniques you taught me for Montana (my *former* alpha) are working wo…nders on Sawyer, who until now has run from me when I’ve so much as looked at him. All of this from a one-hour session. THANKS A MILLION! And we’ll see you again soon.


Today was the first day in over a year that Hulk has been to Petsmart. I write this with tears in my eyes because I can’t even believe how amazing he was. Not only did he successfully stay with a stranger for two minutes, he was surrounded by dogs..big dogs, little dogs…Old Hulk would have been lunging and barking…not a peep. We just walked right by the dogs with no problem….The kicker was how good everyone was saying he was. I am not sure if anyone has ever told us that about Hulk in public. He was sitting for petting and just impressed Danny and I so much. He got to pick out whatever he wanted for doing such a great job….I know that you guys do this everyday and maybe you know how you change people’s lives and maybe you don’t. I hope that you know we are forever in your debt and can’t thank you girls enough for all your work with Hulk (and all of our babies). I can’t thank you enough for all that you have taught us. Hulk wanted me to also tell you thank you because now he can run errands with Mom again, which he used to love to do.

Thanks for all that you do-

Andrea, Danny, Storm, Hulk, kitties and fosters

We would love to hear from you! Thank you in advance for your testimonial and remember to give a big hug to your furbabies from me!!

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