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Private Sessions

Time with Laura

One on one 45-60 minute private session with Laura

$125 for first dog (additional fee for additional dogs)

Treadmill Training

Teach your dog how to love the treadmill! Held at our location.

$65 per session

Time with Tara

One on One, 45-60 minute working private session, with Tara.

$175 for the first dog (additional price for additional pets)

Agility Variety

The course will be up in a new way to include Jumpers, Relays, and other agility variations. Basic Agility is required to join, Intermediate Agility is preferred.

$65 per session

Pack Sessions

These are with Tara and her pack members. You must have had a private leadership and have gone through our Reactive Walkers prior to requesting a pack session.

$85 per session

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