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K9 WorkingMind Programs
Shelter Program

This is a series of workshops developed for dogs living in shelter or rescue facilities, in order to reduce shelter stress.  Lack of social skills and exercise, coupled with the lack of resources most shelters and rescues have, inspired this program that creates a working state of mind in the dogs. The entire program can be implemented quickly and efficiently and can increase adoption and volunteer numbers as well.

The program is designed to fit your shelter. We know each shelter has different numbers for intakes, staff, and volunteers; so we make a plan that will fit your needs. The program can run in a very limited resource facility or a well staffed/volunteer base facility. 



Stepped-In Animal Outreach

 K9 WorkingMind actively participates in community outreach and education for pets and their families. Founded by Tara Stermer, the program focuses on two core goals:

1) Keep pets in their homes and out of shelters

2) Reinforce spay and neuter program which is designed to fight animal overpopulation in our communities. 


During these events we invite anyone in the community to join us to learn about basic dog training & safety around dogs while offering medical sign ups (vaccines, spay/neuter, micro chipping) & pet supplies likes food, crates & leashes--all for FREE! 


T-DAWG stands for Texas Differently Abled Working Group. We offer sessions for deaf, blind, deaf/blind, senior and amputee dogs. Our sessions are 60 minutes long and are divided into 30 minutes of obedience and 30 minutes of agility lessons, if requested.
Tara personally developed a communication system using touch and scent in 2008 for deaf and blind dogs. Her passion is to show the world that all dogs can achieve anything, no matter what!

The obedience teaches over 50 commands in touch, scent and sign. From basic to Canine Good Citizens preparation, our dogs learn it all in a group setting. Our Agility teaches all standard agility equipment: weave poles, jumps, dog walks, a-frame, and the teeter.  All obstacles are taught using scent and texture training.

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