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K9 WorkingMind Shelter Program

This is a series of workshops developed for dogs living in shelter or rescue facilities designed to reduce stress. The program helps create a working state of mind in the dogs and can be implemented quickly and efficiently, Best of all, it helps increase adoption and volunteer numbers too!

The program is designed to fit your shelter, whether big or small, limited resources or large staff and volunteer base. 

We provide detailed volunteer/staff manuals complete with real life photos.

It can be started with one- 4 hour training session, or with three- 1 1/2 hour sessions. 

To see the progress in the Georgetown Shelter, please watch this video: Texas Shelter Makes a Difference!

If you are interested in starting this program in your facility, please contact us or call us at 512-402-4229.

Listen to Tara and director, Jackie discuss the program via radio interview with A Variety Of Pets Blog Radio by clicking here.


Behavior & Aggression Assessments

Tara will conduct a combination of the ASPCA's S.A.F.E.R. test, Dr. Amy Mader's Match Up, and certain tests from Netto and Planta's assessment to evaluate a dog. This evaluation is helpful for rescues, shelters, landlords or tenants needing documentation on your dog's behavior.  

The test takes anywhere from 14-16 minutes.

Appointments are needed and the cost is $30.
Tara will provide a copy of your dog's results with an explanation of each test performed.

Shelter Handling & Safety Workshops

Ideal for anyone interested in or already in the dog profession. We demonstrate how to safely handle dogs in runs, on leash, during grooming and restraining for exams. We use live dog demonstrations as well as having real photographs and video of extreme situations. 3 hour workshop, 30 minutes of questions

Body Language Workshop

 This three-hour seminar is about how a dog communicates - the subtle signs that could mean safety, frustration and potentially dangerous situations. We break down different stances, eye contact, actions and myths with photographs of real dogs. 

Our goal for this seminar is to reduce the number of bite incidents and help humans and dogs understand each other without frustration.

*All the photos during the seminar have been taken from cases Tara has personally worked on or of my own pack members. 

Fostering with Calm & Confidence

This three-hour workshop is designed to help rescues/foster families introduce new dogs to the pack, as well as create a calm environment.

We discuss foundation training and how to get your foster dogs into a "working mind" every day. This increases their adoptability and reduces the stress of transitions.


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