When You Say "Impossible", We Say "Achievable"

T-DAWG stands for Texas Differently Abled Working Group! Classes for deaf, blind, deaf/blind, seniors and amputee dogs are held every Sunday at 3pm. Classes are 60 minutes long and are divided into 30 minutes of obedience and 30 minutes of agility lessons.
Obedience covers over 50 commands in touch, scent and sign. From basic to Canine Good Citizens preparation, our dogs learn it all in a group setting.


Agility teaches all standard agility equipment: weave poles, jumps, dog walks, a-frame, and the teeter.  All obstacles are taught using scent and texture training. Each class is $30 per team and we encourage you to bring friends and family!


To sign up for the class please email us.
You will be added to our mailing list and will receive the agenda for class that week. If you choose not to be added to the list, please state this in your reply. As a member of TDAWG, you will also receive newsletters and invites to events we attend in hopes that you too can attend with your pup!

Pay as you go, $30 per class.

Every Saturday at 3:00, please email info@trainingbytara.com to reserve your spot.

WorkingMind Class


The class is held outdoors and is open to any client that is currently enrolled in a class, has seen us for a private session, or is going through our behavior programs in the last year. The class is also open to current shelter dogs, and dogs in a rescue group but not in a permanent home yet.


This class will be held every Sunday (weather and participation permitting) at 4:30pm and will last 45-60 minutes. 


We will be cover basic obedience, some reactive work, and on occasion some sports, but we will not have a set weekly curriculum, it will be based on the attendees. The WorkingMind class is designed to help our current clients practice what they have learned in a controlled setting, and to help get shelter and rescues the training and social skills they need to help them move into a permanent home. 


Each party must be able to physically handle their dogs during the class, as we will not have extra hands on to assist each participant. Handlers must be 15 years or older. We cannot allow children under the age of 13 due to the nature of the class. 


All dogs must be on a secure collar, harness, gentle leader, and a strong leash. No extenda leashes, prongs collars, e-collars, or force is allowed in this class. Any physical force or corrections will result in immediate ejection from class. If the dog you are handling is aggressive to humans or dogs, it must be assessed by Tara prior to attending the class for the safety of all parties.


The cost of the WorkingMind Class is $25 for dogs in permanent homes and already in our programs, $10 for rescue group dogs not in forever homes, and free for any dog currently sleeping in a shelter.

We must receive an email from you each week if you are coming to class, 
so we have a manageable number of dogs.

Pay as you go, $25 per class.

Every Sunday at 4:30, please email info@trainingbytara.com to reserve your spot.