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Group Classes

All group classes are 6 week courses. You pay for our curriculum, not for the hour per week. Classes may take less then an hour, depending how many people are in the class.

Heeling class

This is a 6 week group class, all about teaching a formal heel. Heel is a working and focused walk beside you, for times when you need your dog to ignore everything around them. 



Everything you need to pass the Canine Good Citizens Test! We take the test apart, step by step, to help you pass! We also throw in high distractions that help in everyday scenarios as well as in passing the test!  Tara is now certified as a CGC evaluator. Upon graduation, the Canine Good Citizen test will be administered (included) There is an additional $8 fee to AKC for the certificate which is not included. 


Intermediate Agility

This is a 6 week course. You and your dog will now learn how to combine equipment and speed to get ready for trials. Basic Agility course must be taken to enter this class. 



This course teaches 23 commands and addresses some common behavioral issues. That can corrected immediately. You will also learn basic body language skills to help you prevent problems later on.



This course teaches 15 commands in high-distraction settings. This will be outdoors so please dress according to weather as well as for walking. Some commands taught are: off-leash heel, walking drop down/stay, and distance stay.



This course teaches 17 skills and includes some off-lead work. This is more of an intermediate/advanced class. All of our Basic Obedience grads can move right up! By the end of this class, your dog will be able to perform an off-lead, out of sight, down stay in a line with their classmates. 


Basic Agility

This is a 6 week course where you and your pet will learn the different obstacles in the sport of agility. Your dog must be able to do an off-lead down/stay with other dogs around to enroll.


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