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Specialty Sessions

Scent Detection & Tracking Classes!

You can get a #taratired dog by using their nose!

Our scent detection & tracking sessions/classes are geared towards helping our clients harness their dog's innate ability to nose around town. 

We teach basic scents (natural oils) for our everyday clients, to advance drug detection for private organizations/homes. 

We also teach tracking and trailing for those that love the outdoors, or maybe have an interest in finding lost pets! 

Scent detection & tracking are natural behaviors in canines, and teaching them how to search for specific scents/items can create a calm mind, a greater bond between owner and dog, and it can even help with behavior quirks your dog may have (jumping, mouthing, barking, reactivity). 

We are a strong believer that if you have a dog with a high level of persistence, and you cannot get control of them-you can teach them how to put that persistence in the right place and the outcome can benefit you, the dog, and maybe the community. 

If you are interested in scent or tracking, we offer them in private sessions, group classes, and even via online sessions.

Pricing varies pending which option you choose. Please EMAIL to set up a time to get your dog sniffing around! 

Reactive Walkers 6 week course

The Leadership Program is a prerequisite for any of the Reactive walker session. With a four-five dog limit, your dog will overcome everyday obstacles that may make you hesitate to take your dog in public.

T-Dawg sessions

These sessions are for differantly abled dogs (deaf, blind, deaf & blind dogs, seniors, tripods). We will tailor a 45-60 minute one on one session for obedience, agility, or behavior.

Specialized Working Sessions

We offer a number of specialized working sessions for you and your dog. These sessions are done in private one on one sessions depending on your dogs abilities and needs. Examples: Trieball, Controlling Prey Drives, Bite Inhibition, Tracking, Search for fun, and Cart Pulling (not weight pulling). These are not geared toward competition and are put into place for working and bonding purposes only.


Trieball is the wonderful sport of soccer for dogs. Have a herding breed and no livestock? A bully with extra energy? Maybe a shy dog who needs to come out of their shell! This sport is fantastic, fun and includes some off-lead work. This is more of an intermediate/advanced class. All of our Basic Obedience grads can move right up! By the end of this class, your dog will be able to perform an off-lead, out of sight, down stay in a line with their classmates.

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