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Stay & Train

We recommend 2 weeks for the stay and train program, but can do 1 or 3 as well. It takes 14 days for a dog to learn commands solidly, which is why 2 weeks is optimal. We start the programs at the training center, and they continue at home once they leave.

Cancellation policy: 48 hour notice is required in order to avoid fees. Same day or no show cancellations will be charged full price for quoted boarding stay.


Basic stay and train is teaches obedience commands, no behavior. We can get a dog started on any level of obedience pending their existing knowledge, while they stay with us.

Boarding fee plus additional $20

Misunderstood Boarding

This is for dogs with bite histories or potential aggression towards strangers. This is not stay and train regular boarding but for dogs that cannot stay anywhere else.

$20-$25 per walk pending level of aggression


Behavior training is for dogs with mild reactivity or manners such as jumping, mouthing, and learning kennel training.

Boarding fee plus additional $40


Stay and train for aggression cases are case by case. Dogs are only accepted if they have started our programs at home where they feel comfortable first.

Misunderstood Boarding, plus an additional $50

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