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Meet the Pack


Darby came to us through a rescue as a final assess. Her aggression issues were not safe for normal households, and Tara decided to take her on. Darby is extremely obedient, highly ball driven, and a staff favorite. 


Flinn came to us in the summer of 2011, through a local rescue group. She is a 6 year old deaf boxer that had been placed in our rehabilitation program for dog/dog aggression and resource guarding. She excelled in the program and has never left us. She loves agility and playing with her best buddy Harley. Her absolute favorite thing to do would be curling up with another pack mate and sleeping on the dog bed for hours on end.


Harley came to us October of 2010, she and her sister were being fostered by us for Austin Animal Center. I fell in love and became a foster failure. Harley has become our "go to gal" with training and currently has over 140 commands under her paw. We are looking to break the record and will keep you posted ;)
Her favorite games are fetch, Trieball and tracking. Her favorite toys are sticks and JW bone balls. 

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy was a rescue from a hoarding case in Victoria Texas during Hurricane Harvey. His first 6 months with us was a challenge as he had zero social expereince, and the confidence to bite anyone. After applying our programs to get him "ready for adoption", Tara fell in love and kept him with her working pack. He is now full of personality and literally will beg for everyone and anyone to pick him up and carry him like a baby. Against Tara's rules, but everyone falls for it. 


Squish came to Tara in 2019 through Lagrange Animal Shelter. It was love at first sight, and her name literally happened on the ride home, since she melted into Tara during her freedom ride. She currently has graduated basic and intermediate obedience, and is a partner in Heroes Rest & Renewal Ranch where she joins her brother Vinny in melting into those in need of a hug. 


Tahoe came to us October 2020, through a foster taht was worried she would be returned due to her high persistence levels as a 10 week old pup. She is one of the highest driven pups we have had in years. She has become one of the most well rounded pups in our working pack, and is learning all areas of our business. She has completed basic and intermediate obedience, heeling class, tracking, and scent detection. She will be going for her CGC this fall after she completes the extreme and advanced classes. 


Vincenzo came to us in March of 2020. He was adopted at 10weeks old and began learning commands day one. He is currently a graduate of basic, intermediate, extreme, and advanced obedince classes. He has also completed 3 of the 6 narcotic detection scents, along with tracking for lost dogs. He has his CGC and will be working towards his Therapy certificate by fall 2021. He is a partner with Heroes Rest & Renwal Ranch, where his favorite thing is cudding with those that need love and a friend.


Sir Roo Winks the 8th

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