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Training Services

Our methods are based on how dogs communicate with each other by following their natural instincts, and, most importantly, keeping them in a "working-mind." 


We offer a range of classes to suit you and your dogs specific needs. These include:


  • Small group classes

  • Specialty classes to teach specific skills

  • Private sessions

For group sessions, you pay for our curriculum, not for the hour. Classes may take less then an hour, depending how many people are in the class.


How are we different?

Learn more in less time.

Group session class size is limited to 4 dogs & their owners. This gives you more 1 on 1 attention with our trainers


Speak their language.

We teach you to communicate with your dog by learning dog body language and pack behaviors.


A working dog is a happy, focused dog.

Learn how to keep your dog in a “working mind”. Dogs who are working for their owners are happier, calmer, and more focused.

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