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Stepped In Texas Community Outreach & Education

In partnership with Wags, Hope & Healing dog rescue, K9 WorkingMind actively participates in community outreach and education for pets and their families. Founded by Tara Stermer, the program focuses on two core goals:

1) Keeping pets in their homes and out of shelters

2) Reinforces the Wags spay and neuter program which is designed to fight animal overpopulation in communities. 


We invite anyone in the community to come learn about basic dog training & safety around dogs while offering medical sign ups (vaccines, spay/neuter, micro chipping) & pet supplies likes food, crates & leashes--all for FREE! Wags aims to be a resource for central Texas citizens and their dogs.


Basic behavioral training enables citizens to better understand their dog, This helps keep more pets in their homes.

Wags needs volunteers to engage with community members and help with medical sign ups.


For more info or to volunteer, email us at


This email address is for everyone in our community areas. Please share with neighbors and friends and let us know if you live in a community that could benefit from our Stepped-In program.


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