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Pit bull stop Texas?

As many of you know, there is a push to ban “pit bulls” in Texas. This is sparked by the latest child to be killed by a chained, un-socialized dog that was kept with 29 other neglected and un-socialized dogs. They were not treated medically for any health issues, not properly trained or socialized and basically left outside until they died on their own.

My question here is, why is there no criminal charges filed against the human responsible for the welfare of the dogs and child? Have we as a society become so blind to the clear evidence presented to us, that our rational thoughts have been swept away? Or is it that we as a race have gained so much power in our ability to kill a species, that rational thoughts and evidence means nothing?

All over the world, people are using a dog- which has been around for centuries to do nothing but show love, companionship and loyalty- as a scapegoat for a human’s lack of education and compassion. Dogs for centuries have been doing exactly what their human owners have trained them to do; they have served and given up their lives to protect us, help our disabled, rescue our loved ones lost in avalanches and the wilderness and yes, given up their lives for man’s sick enjoyment and financial gain. We created a dog to work for us because they are the one species that will die for us, without questioning the reason. Now they are dying for us again, but this time because we will not take the responsibility for not educating our own species.

Breed bans have been proven not to be effective all across the world; the UK, Spain and the Netherlands, have now- after years of killing and stereotyping one breed- come to the realization that humans are responsible. Their bite incidents did not decrease, but instead they have been able to see that the next popular breed in line was responsible for the next wave of bites. These countries spent years of wasted tax dollars and lives, to figure out that man is responsible for their dog’s actions. Are we ready to make the same mistake?

Best Friends has calculated the cost of enforcing breed bans for each state, based on kenneling, animal control, veterinary costs, boarding fees, etc. . The cost for Texas to enforce a Breed Ban will be $31,077,390… Yes you read that number right, $31 million dollars annually in increased taxes to place blame on what man is responsible for. Don’t we already pay enough in taxes?

We can’t even keep important educational programs in our schools due to increased taxes, but yet we are willing to spend $31 million dollars to ban a breed that an uneducated human is responsible for? It is a vicious circle. How can we justify raising taxes to ban a certain breed when we can’t afford to teach our kids, take care of our elderly or protect ourselves by making cut backs in our emergency services and police departments? Where are our priorities?

I have a proposed answer for those wanting to ban the breed, adopt a community volunteer based program to go out and educate the neighborhoods. Volunteer for a group to go and help hands on if you feel that strongly about this issue. Instead of complaining and placing blame, go out and help. Don’t raise my taxes because you lack the compassion to get out there and help.

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