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Doggie push ups, video, & instructions

Many people have a dog that is pushy or vocal when it comes to demanding something. One way to re-direct them is to make them “work” when they show bad behaviors. We like to place “doggie push-ups” in effect for these dogs. You would be amazed at how quickly the unwanted behavior stops when they realize they have to work if they become demanding.

In order for “doggie push-ups” to be effective your dog must know their “sit” and “down” commands.

When your dog is pushy for attention or starts to bark at you, start a session of doggie push-ups. Give your dog a sit command, then go right into a down command. Repeat sit/down, sit/down. This must be done 3 times and on the third time stand up and walk away. Ignore them for a few seconds. Sometimes you will have to repeat this a few times in a row, but hold out longer then your dog and you will notice they literally get up and walk away instead of continuing the bad behavior. Pushiness becomes less fun if they have to work each time.

As a side note, if your dog has anxiety this is also effective. When your dog whines do some doggie push-ups! This re-directs their anxiety into work mode. You and your dog will be happier!





And walk away.

The following is a video to help you visualize how they should look:

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