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Thank you for not giving up on your pets!

After a long week of holiday training, I want to extend a thank you to those who have decided to work with their dogs instead of surrendering them to a shelter. I know, to many people, there are times when it seems like there is no other alternative but to find a new home for their “misunderstood” dog (whether it be aggression or destruction). I want to thank all of my clients and people who have contacted me this holiday season, for deciding to work with them instead. All of your dogs are wonderful creatures who undoubtly love you and are eager to show you how much they can do right! As you all know my only goal in what I do is to help everyone keep their dogs, and this year has shown me that there are wonderful pet owners who are willing to put in the work it takes to make it work. For your dogs I thank you, and I am proud of everyone of you for the loyalty and persistance you all have put in to helping your canine family members. Hugs to all and thank you again! Tara Brandie and the “pack

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