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More prong collar problems

Ok as you all know I have already written a blog about prong collars and why I don’t like them. It seems this holiday season has brought more and more distraught clients to me who have aggressive issues with thier dogs. With the rush came a large amount of people who are using prong collars. In all of these cases the clients have noted that their dogs are biting harder and getting more aggressive. I urge you to stop using prong collars on aggressive dogs.

Again the prong collar is used to mimic a dog bite and the harder you correct with it the harder the bite. Dogs who receive this “bite” find it perfectly normal to apply the same amount of pressure in their bite! If you have to keep correcting and using more force while using a prong collar you are using it incorrectly and risk making your dog more aggressive. Please give this some thought and try an alternate route or hire a professional to help you use it properly. It is harder to reteach bite inhibition to a dog then to teach it to walk politely on a leash!

Tara, Brandie & the “pack”

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