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In Loving Memory


Border collie mix. Allie joined the pack in 2007 and was taken from a local rescue.  Allie's favorite thing in life was toys!  She would play for hours on end tossing the ball to herself!  She has completed all levels of obedience classes.  Allie was one of our best "mommies" in the pack. She helped puppies learn how to play, along with helping adult dogs overcome their dog-dog aggression.  Her nickname was "Princess Allie" and "Allie McBeal" and she lived up to her diva status!  Allie passed at the age of 15 years old on 10/2018 from cancer. 


Staffie. Axel came to us for rehabilitation work and to prepare for his Canine Good Citizen in 2009. However, after having him for a couple of months, we decided we couldn't send him back. He had come leaps and bounds since we first received him. He had helped numerous dogs in their quest to overcome aggression issues, as well as owners who are fearful of Staffordshire terriers over his years with us. He was an ambassador for his breed, helping to change the stigma associated with this breed. His favorite thing to do was to lounge in the sun and he certainly never met a stranger. Axel helped hundreds of dogs in the short time he was with us, and was one of the hardest goodbyes for Tara. Axel passed 11/2019


Alaskan Husky.  Crash came to us in March 2008 through a client who relocated and could not take him. Crash's favorite toy was a tug squeak and he loved his ice cubes. He loved to "supervise" your work and play with the pack.  True to his breed, he was gentle and loving, and always looking to work.  Crash suffered from some separation anxiety and transitional aggression, and overcame it to become a role model for the other pack members. He had completed all levels of obedience and had his CGC. His job was to help dogs in our socialization & reactive classes get over being around nervous dogs. Crash left us at the age of 15yrs on 6/2019, I still miss our howling conversations. 


Mac was surrendered to a local rescue after he was retired from search and rescue. His separation anxiety was extreme, and during a stay and assess, Tara decided to keep him on as her own working pack member. Since then, he has helped serach for lost dogs, and kids; as well as assisted Tara in mulitple daily sessions. He is the Bret Favre of Tara's business, as she can't seem to keep him in retirement :) 


Border collie. Maverick was rescued from TLAC at 6 months old in 2007. Her favorite thing in life was working! She LOVED the treadmill, and even after her session is over, will try to jump on with the other pack members as they run. She had completed all stages of obedience classes, knew several tricks, and loved to do agility and herding! We loving called her, "Wild child", "Crazy Mavie" and "Yakkie". She liked to watch TV and LOVED her ball.

 Maverick had absolutely no social skills when she was rescued, and a very defensive aggressive side towards men. She grew into a versitile work dog the worked daily to help ALL owners, men and women rehabilitate their dogs focusing on fence fighting issues. Maverick was 14yrs old when she passed March 2021. She like her packmates had helped hundreds of dogs over the years, and was my co worker, my furkid, and truly my best friend. 


Staffie. Papa joined our pack in 2010, and served as a working dog. He helped us in the communities, sessions and events to change views of those that may fear his breed. For more information about Papa, please visit our articles page, he has his own post. Papa passed suddenly from cancer at the age of 10yrs old, in the spring  2017. 


Patterson was abandoned by his first owner, who declared she did not "like" him. He has been part of our working pack since 2013, and works with puppies, children, and teaches proper play to all the dogs that stay with us. His nickname is "naughty boy", "Patters", and "scruffball". The saying in the house is if we only say his name 99 times a day, he was a good boy :) Patterson passed away 8/8/23 from cancer.


Chihuahua.  Peanut was rescued from TLAC's euthanasia list in 2007, because she was heartworm positive. Peanut loved to cuddle and be loved on! She changed peoples mind about chihuahuas during her life. She tried to play with the pack (even though she is the size of their heads). Her favorite food was Mexican and her favorite movie was "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". Her nicknames were "lil P", "Goose" and "Miss P". Lil P had no issues that needed rehabilitating and worked with us during social classes to help dogs overcome their small dog prey aggression. Peanut passed at the age of 12 years old on 8/2019


Catahoula cross. Shelly loved to play ball and frisbee. Her nicknames were "Mama Shell" and "Shell Bell". Shelly was one of the best maternal dogs in the pack, and is extremely gentle with puppies and any size dog. Her favorite snack was Cheerios, and she would eat them one by one with her front teeth! Shelly joined the pack in April 2008, after staying to be rehabilitated for extreme fear. Shelly came to us afraid of life in general and would army crawl instead of walk. She could not "look" at anyone, and often hid with the slightest movement in the house. She developed into a very confident workdog after being around the pack and worked with us in our socialization and reactive classes. Shelly passed due to Epilepsy in spring of 2020.


Boxer. He came to us from a client who could no longer handle him in 2010. He is a typical case of a misunderstood dog. Sonny got along wonderfully with all the dogs in our pack, including the unruly puppies. His favorite thing to do was to watch "Cat TV" courtesy of the resident cat, Huntress.  He  completed basic and intermediate obedience, as well as helping other dogs get over their boxer prejudice.  Sonny loved to "woo" you on a dialy basis. Sonny passed at 12 years old in 2018


Stormie & Tyler were my first pack members, they helped thousands of dogs get over their issues. 
I will always love them and I am truly thankful for the years of love and devotion they gave me.

Stormie, Rottweiler- my couch potato with a protectors heart. Always there to snuggle, watch over my daughter, make a room laugh with her abnormal body sounds, and one of the hardest working dogs I had. She was truly one of a kind. 6/01-3/09  


I acquired Takoda in 2008, through a very nice family who really loved her, but wanted her to do what her breed was meant to do; work. She has completed basic and intermediate obedience and now works to help other dogs get over their need to correct the crazy puppy.  We loving called her "Devil dog" and "Koda". She used to love to romp around with the pack and her bestest play buddy was Maverick. Takoda passed away Feb 2021 from a brain lesion. 

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