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Frankie Conover


Hi, I’m Frankie! I was born and raised in Austin, TX and after a few years on the West coast and overseas I’ve landed home again. In addition to working with K9 Working Mind, I am a ux researcher, musician, dungeon master, printmaker and sociolinguist.
Dogs have been a constant throughout my entire life. And it was my current dog, Magpie, who led me to K9 Working Mind. During our first session, Magpie tried to bite Tara. Two years later, she completed her Canine Good Citizenship test. It took almost every class and program that K9 Working Mind offers to get us to where we are now but I am extremely proud of her (most days).
Seeing firsthand how effective Tara’s training is, I started interning because I wanted to help share these methods with other people. Every dog and every person deserves to feel safe, connected, and understood.
I currently teach basic obedience classes and private behavior sessions, and am hoping to expand to other classes soon!

Frankie Conover
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