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Adequate exercise for your dog

I have had many people ask me, “What is the right amount of exercise for a dog?” My answer is always, if your dog spends...

Is playing with my dog enough exercise?

July 7, 2017

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October 12, 2011

THANK YOU! Without Training by Tara I doubt I would still have my dog. I was having terrible anxiety issues with my adopted greyhound and my neighbors and hoa were threatening that I might have to kick him out. Not only did Tara come by to do a home visit and consult, but she really helped calm me down when I thought there was no solution. She said, and I believed her, and it turned out to be true, that it was a fixable problem. The basic class over several weeks was the solution. The situation is 100% better and I am so grateful. Also, the class was affordable, who could ask for more?! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. A+

-Seth & Accomplice


We had an individual training session with Chris at Training by Tara this past weekend, and the results have been wonderful! We got our sweet dog Leo from Town Lake about a month ago, and he definitely needed some training 

We came to Training by Tara to work on leash walking & basic manners.
Leash walking with Leo use to be a mess – he was always pulling and trying to chase everything that moved. But since we implemented the leash walking techniques that Chris taught us, it’s been so much better. Leo also use to misbehave around the house – i.e. trying to jump up on the table and steal our dinner  Since learning the “out” command with Chris, Leo’s been doing much better (and so have his humans!)

And the best part is, our training session was on Saturday and today is Tuesday 

My favorite thing about the training was the emphasis on positive reinforcement, and you gotta love Tara’s advocacy for misunderstood breeds.

Leo & I definitely recommend Training by Tara! 2 paws up!

-Anna G & Leo


1 word, Amazing! Our dog Sophie was having issues about lunging after bikes and SUV, she also pulled like crazy on the leash. 

1 session for an hour and 4 weeks of us training her and Sophie is SOOO much Better, in fact, I might even say close to being perfect. 

If you are looking for a great trainer at an affordable price who will teach you and your dog everything she knows from decades of experience, GO HERE. 

1 thing I didn’t know about her and her company is that she trains rescue dogs and then adopts them out. You can get a fully trained dog for the same price as going to an animal shelter.. wow

-Chris M & Sophie


Update on Bruno: I did manage to get one of the techs to come around the counter so I could “say hello and touch” with Bruno and then again to hand her the leash.  Thank goodness Bruno was on his best behavior b/c she was not attentive to my request to hold the leash close with limited length dangling.  I’m very proud of him.  3 weeks ago, this same tech took his leash from me and Bruno froze up and growled at her.  Of course, my confidence IN him and myself has increased greatly so I was almost 100% (99.99999%) confident when I handed the leash to her today.

Looking forward to many more training classes with you and your team.

-Becca M & Bruno


Hey Tara- thought I would share a milestone (or 2) with you: Carley hasn’t lunged or shown aggression on her walks in two days. Today she even had a dog come running toward her barking, a bicyclist rode by 3 times, and multiple “older” grey haired men that she normally lunges at, she has just walked on by!!! One day at a time  Thanks for all your help!!!



Thank you Tara for opening our eyes to the fact that working dogs need a job. You have taught us patience, love and respect for the stubborn staffie!

-Angie, Steve & Keely


 MASSIVE thx to @Trainingbytara Blue & I just had our life COMPLETELY changed by this wonderful woman.

-Deb O’Keefe

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